Am I ready to go live?

Please see the following criteria:

1. The five pillars must be standard and uniform throughout ALL chapters. Do not change these.

2. You must have at least 1 upcoming event on your calendar on the front page.
3. Spotlight posts must be complete with correctly formatted images and a title.
4. Must have at least 1 sponsor and at least 1 partner (if no partners contact TiE Global)
5. Must complete program placeholders.
6. The About Us section must be complete for your specific chapter.
7. Have your list of Board Members complete.
8. Have your Staff section complete.
9. Have the Contact Us section complete with correct info.
10. Make sure your chapter pricing under Join TiE is complete, correct and all links go to your specific 123signup.


Once you have done all the criteria above, please send an e-mail to

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